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Scandal Escandal Organic Volume Reducer Progressive Kit 2x1L - Royal Professional

Pre-treatment shampoo:
Deep cleansing with mint, lemon and myrrh. It promotes deep cleaning and natural shine to the wires and can be used on all types of hair. Its formulation combines natural extracts with mint, lemon and myrrh. It restores vitality, promotes lightness and shine to the hair, preparing it for the restorative treatment with activated keratin.

Volume Reducer:
Thermal treatment that promotes complete hydration, providing the hair with a healthy appearance, softness, intense and lasting shine.

How to Use Shampoo:
1 - Apply on damp hair, gently massage the scalp and rub along the entire length of the strands, rinse and repeat this process for better results, leaving it for 20 minutes;
2 - Rinse thoroughly until all excess pre-treatment shampoo is removed.

Holw to use Reducer:
1 - After washing the hair with the scandal pre-treatment shampoo, dry the hair 100% and divide it into 6 parts, starting at the nape of the neck, separate into thin strands and apply the product, keep a distance of 1 cm from the scalp, let it act for 45 minutes with plastic cap;
2 - Rinse, brush and plate the thin strands 8 to 15 times each strand;
3 - After the end of the process, wait 20 (twenty) minutes for the hair to return to room temperature and wash it;
4 - Dry the hair with the aid of a dryer.

01 - Royal Scandal Organic Shampoo - 1 Liter;
01 - Royal Scandal Organic Volume Reducer - 1 Liter.