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Borabella Sealant Silk 3D Semi Definitive Without Formaldehyde 1000ml - Borabella


Borabella Sealant Silk 3D Semi Definitive (1 liter) provides sealed, disciplined, loose, light and soft hair with intense shine and controlled volume, completely free from frizz and flyaways.

For colored hair less fading and neutralization of reddish tones and for bleached hair ideal for lightening background up to 8 tones with the neutralization of orange and yellow tones.

0% formaldehyde, 100% smooth;
Does not fade;
No burning, no smell.
Blend of exclusive actives called BioComplex, formed by 19 amino acids, Hyaluronic + Glutamic + Aspartic + Keratin + Silk Protein + Macadamia and Brightening Intense
- Does not dry tips or damage the wires.
- Smoother, Looser hair with movement, balance and naturalness.
- Compatible with all other Progressive Marks of the Market. (except thioglycolate relaxation)
-For all hair types and colors.

How to Use:
1. With damp and clean hair, apply with the help of gloves and brush. Then use the comb to evenly align and redistribute the product from root to tip.
Attention: Avoid contact with the scalp. 
2. Allow 45 minutes action time for wavy or blond hair, 70 minutes for very wavy or curly hair, 90 minutes for very rebellious and difficult hair.
Every 20 minutes comb the hair to keep the strands aligned.
Warning! Very light shades above 9 may have a slightly bluish hue tint, don't worry, when you tone the board you will be back to normal.
3. After break rinse with water. Then dry, brush and board in thin strands, always using professional board at 230 ° C, whenever possible at maximum temperature. 
Slightly wavy hair, blond, colored, locks: to board 10 to 15 times.
Wavy and curly hair: to board from 15 to 20 times, rebellious and difficult hair: to plank 20 to 25 times.
(Note in the wick how many times it will take to get the best tone).
4. After boarding, it is not necessary to wash. The hair will be finished and with incredible shine.

-1 Borabella 3D Semi Definitive Organic Sealing Progressive 1000ml