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Keratin Surfactant Hair Treatment Purify Shampoo Deep Cleansing 1L- Senscience


Deep cleansing shampoo for all hair types. Senscience Purify Shampoo removes the accumulation of natural residues and styling products, attached to the scales of the hair, without damaging the hair.

Senscience Purify Shampoo acts on the hair fiber promoting intensive cleaning. It can also be used before chemical processes, stains or reconstructions, so that the past product can penetrate the wire more easily.

Actions Surfactant System: removes the accumulation of residues without damaging the wire. Bamboo: remineralizes, restructures and tones the hair.

How to Use:
Apply shampoo to damp hair and massage gently with your fingertips.
After foaming, rinse until all product is removed.
If necessary, repeat the process.
Use once a week.

-01 Senscience Purifying Shampoo Deep Cleaning 1L