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+ Shine Hair Nourishing Moisture Softness Treatment Kit 5 Itens - Bio Extratus



Bio Extratus brought to your hair an exclusive formula with ruby cocoa, the pink fruit that moisturizes, aligns and gives an incredible shine.

With Cocoa Ruby Nourishing, moisturizing, humectant, emollient, conditioner, antioxidant, restorative, anti-frizz. Softens the texture, increases the shine and softness of the hair, combats dehydration. With algae polymers, a very rich source of nutrients, it keeps the hair hydrated and shiny, because it has great affinity with the hair fiber proteins. It helps to organize damaged cuticles, restoring the hair's natural shine and balance.

Shampoo that promotes gentle cleansing that returns the natural balance. Conditioner with an emollient formula that promotes immediate conditioning. Hydration Mask that promotes intensive treatment without weighing down the wires. Finisher with anti-frizz formula that protects the hair, leaving the strands perfectly aligned.

-01 Shampoo + Shine 250mL
-01 Mask + Glow 500g
-01 Conditioner + Shine 250mL
-01 Cuticle Sealer + Shine 240mL
-01 Finisher Spray + Glow 200mL