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Shine Revitalizing Restore Shampoo Quinoa Protein Hair Treatment 350ml - Revie

by Revie

Its exclusive formula offers superior performance without harming the hair for incredibly healthy hair.

The Revie Revitalizing Shine line has Quinoa Proteins recognized for their high protein content and super-nourishing action enhanced by Royal Jelly, which together repair the cuticular surface, reducing the opaque effect of the thread.

This intelligence of nature fights the stiffness and roughness of unhydrated hair and restores the softness and luminosity lost in everyday life, promoting nourished and shinier hair.

Hair damaged by daily damage

How to use:
• Apply Revitalizing Revitalizing Shampoo to wet hair and massage into the scalp until foaming.
• Rinse well.
• For hair with revitalized shine, use the complete line of Revie Revitalizador de Shine.

-01 Shine Revitalizing Restore Shampoo 350ml