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Silver Gloss Fusion Color 250ml - Perfect Liss

Products developed with nanotechnology of pigments that offer tinting and complete treatment in a single application.

Gloss Fusion Color is developed with a blend of noble pigments, Violet 43 of Italian origin, and state-of-the-art assets that promote the neutralization of yellow and orange pigments and the complete restoration for the perfect blonde.

How to use:
Always wear gloves. On previously washed hair, apply Gloss Fusion Color directly to the wires or, if you prefer, blend in the ratio of every 10 grams of 5g white mask of Gloss Fusion Color to customize the tone. Finalize as you wish.

(Product of professional use. We always recommend performing a wick test to check the result)

Notable assets, such as lactic acid, provide natural pH regularization and cuticle closure for increased pigment durability. D-Panthenol, rich in provitamin B5, generates ultra-emollience and silky feel. Cationic polymers act in the reduction of negative charges, generating protection and durability between washes. Customize your tone using Gloss Fusion Color, in a blend of white moisturizing, toning and coloring to retain the unique blonde.

Tannic: Derived from the Black Acacia tree, which produces Tannic Acid, is an active which promotes imbalance of the bonds within the end. It allows the realignment of caSilver Gloss Fusion Color Perfectliss 250mlpillary fiber and the reduction of volume from heat and traction.
Lactic: super-moisturizing raw material that promotes complete restoration of wires and acts as a natural pH regulator.
D Panthenol: acts as a moisturizer, rich in provitamin B5, promotes flexibility and resistance, protects against mechanical damage and generates a lot of luster to the threads.
Violet 43: Technology of Italian origin with a blend of pigments of high power of fixation that permeates the fibers, conserves the tone much more time and eliminates the undesirable tones. Product of professional use. We always recommend performing a wick test to check the result.