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Salon Line Smoothing Cream TotaLiss Argan Oil Shine Softness Anti Frizz 500g


Salon Line Smoothing Cream with Argan Oil was specially developed to smooth, relax and reduce the volume of hair, leaving it loose, silky and with natural movement. Its formula with Argan Oil, provides shine, softness and frizz reduction to the hair. We recommend using the Salon Line cosmetic treatment line of your choice, to maintain the beauty and health of your hair.

How to Use:
1 - Wash your hair without rubbing your scalp and wipe off excess water with a towel. Separate in the non-metallic container, the amount of Smoothing Cream necessary for the application, according to the volume of the hair.
2 - With the aid of a long-toothed comb, untangle the hair without pulling the strands or pressing on the scalp. Divide the hair into 4 or more parts, depending on the volume, to facilitate application.
3 - With the help of a brush, start applying the Smoothing Cream by the nape, lock by lock, leaving 0.5 cm away from the root. The product should not come into contact with the scalp. Apply quickly over the entire length of the hair, resting them on your hands. Let the Smoothing Cream act for 5 minutes, without combing.
4 - After the hair has softened, align the strands gently, with the aid of a fine tooth comb, in the same direction as the strands are born, avoiding bending them. This process should take no more than 5 minutes!
5 - Let the Smoothing Cream act on the hair at rest. Check at least every 5 minutes. Then, rinse the hair with plenty of warm to cold water, until the product is completely removed. Remove excess water with a towel and wait 5 minutes, until the hair cools.
6 - Check all regions of the head. If it is hot or hot, it means that there is still product acting. Rinse again and allow to cool. If you prefer, rinse with cold water to speed up and facilitate temperature recognition. Repeat the verification process and rinse as often as necessary.
Important: Only neutralize the hair if you are sure that there are no residues of Smoothing Cream. Otherwise, there may be a localized break in the wires.
7 - After completely rinsing the Smoothing Cream, apply the Salon Line Neutralizing Lotion, comb it leaving the strands straight and wait 10 minutes.
Note: if you feel your hair heat up with the Neutralizing Lotion, it means that there is still Smoothing Cream on the threads. In this case, rinse immediately until the hair is no longer hot. And only then reapply the Neutralizing Lotion.
8 - After the 10-minute break, rinse until the Neutralizing Lotion is completely removed and apply the Salon Line Shampoo and Conditioner of your choice.
9 - Finish as you wish. We recommend that you do not wash or tie your hair with elastics and hairpins, so as not to mark them, for at least 4 days after the straightening process.

Root Retouch:
We recommend the minimum 90-day retouch period. On hair that has already been straightened, apply only to the long part of the hair, respecting the distance of 0.5 cm from the root. Do not let the Smoothing Cream come into contact with the scalp, nor with the part of the hair that has been previously smoothed. Protect this part of the hair with the Hair Food Salon Line.

- Contains salts of thioglycolic acid, alkali and ammonia. Hair that has undergone progressive dyes, that has been bleached with hydrogen peroxide 30 or 40 volumes, or that has been treated with other chemicals whose active ingredient is not thioglycolate, such as sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, magnesium, guanidine, henna , discoloration, potassium hydroxide and metal salts, cannot be subjected to the use of this product. The use of this product is only possible when the hair grows and is in its natural state, without any residue of the chemicals mentioned above.
- Before using, always do the sensitivity and the wick test.
- Use gloves!
- Remove rings and earrings before using the product.
- Do not use metallic materials. Use plastic container, comb and brush.
- During the time of action of this product, do not use on your hair: towels, plastics, aluminum foil or other material that causes heating.
- It is important to rinse the hair very well, with special attention to the nape, which we normally protect to avoid reaching the eyes, and check that the hair does not get hot (a sign that there is still Smoothing Cream on the strands). If it gets hot, it should be rinsed until the heating process no longer occurs, before applying the Neutralizing Lotion.
- Do not apply the Smoothing Cream on the wires previously smoothed with flat iron or similar process.
- Do not apply the Smoothing Cream after removing braids or stretches.
- If the hair is colored or with another type of chemical, use the product only when the root is grown 3 cm, respecting the distance of 0.5 cm from the root and observing if the transition area between the part with and without chemical , is healthy and resistant. Otherwise there will be a break. Always do the mecha test.
- To color immediately or a few days after straightening, we recommend the use of the Salon Line Color Express toner. If after 15 days, you can apply the soft coloring without ammonia, Salon Line Light Color. Or, 30 days later, the permanent coloring Line Salon Color Total.
IMPORTANT: always check if the hair is healthy to receive the color, regardless of whether it is Toner, Permanent or Semi Permanent.
- In straightened and relaxed hair, never use light tones, above 6.0 or colors that need oxidizer above 20 volumes.
- This product must not be used on children. For use in pregnant and lactating women, consult a doctor.

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