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Anti Frizz Reconstruction Keratin Blond Liss BTox Tinting Mask 1Kg - Souple Liss


Soupleliss Blond Liss B-tox Tinting Mask is a treatment indicated for all types of hair, a molecular weight replenisher that acts on the cortex of the hair fiber. With its innovative and effective formula with Keratin and silicone that form a protective film that surrounds the threads, giving them flexibility, hydration, volume reduction and more resistance to the threads. It also has the tinting pigment that neutralizes the yellow tones of light hair.

How to Use:
After washing your hair, dry 70 to 100% of the hair with the aid of a dryer. Apply Souple Liss Blond Liss B-tox Tinting Mask strand by strand carefully. Let stand for 20 minutes. After the pause time, rinse the hair removing all the product. Dry, brush and flatten your hair in thin strands 5 to 10 times each strand. Finish as you wish.

1 - Souple Liss Blond Liss B-Tox 1Kg