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Brazilian Progressive Brush Treatment Oats and Honey (3 in 1) 1L - Speed Liss


Progressive brush for hair all types of hair. Free of ammonia and other chemical derivatives, it recovers dry and damaged wires in the first application.
Kem 3 Complex technology with oats and honey recovers damaged wires by chemical processes, restoring movement, shine and softness. Bringing volume reduction of approximately 60% to 90% in the first application, depending on the structure of the hair that will be applied.

The Hair Treatment has a pleasant aroma, which provides greater convenience. In addition, it is possible to rinse and attach the hair on the same day of treatment. It contains formaldehyde.

How to use:
 - After washing, remove excess water from the hair with a towel.
 - Dry the hair thoroughly with a blow dryer, without brushing, shake the product well.
 - Split the hair into parts and apply the treatment in strands.
 - On each strand, pass the fine comb several times.
 - Let it act for about 30 minutes.
 - Without rinsing, dry the hair by making a smooth brush.
 - Flat iron the hair, 7 to 10 times each strand.
 - Thoroughly rinse hair with water and finish drying with dryer (no brushing required).

-1 Speed Liss Progressive Brush Blowout Treatment 1L