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Spumalisa Progressive Brush Nuance Shampoo (blondes) 300ml - Madamelis


With double action is the first in the world to smooth and tint at the same time. Its nourishing function neutralizes the undesirable yellowish tones of blond hair. Indication: For blond hair.
Madamelis Cosmetics has developed an exact combination system with the main 19 amino acids present in hair. This combination system was registered and patented by our company, and named with B.TX amino PRO®.

B.TX amino PRO® - This system promotes the reduction of the whole capillary volume when activated by the heat of the dryer and the piastra. Contains the major 19 amino acids in exact proportions that interacts and breaks the sulfur bonds temporarily.
The way the sulfur bonds are attached in the intercellular cement of the yarn, determines the shape of the hairs giving the curly natural wavy and even the smooth effect.
Is compatible with all types of chemicals, does not exude scent, and does not promote irritability.

Duration of the Treatment - The treatment lasts for 2 to 3 months, and can be done again at any time after the first application.

Duration of the Application - The whole process lasts an average of 1.5 hours.

With SpumaLisa shampoo you will have two treatments functions in one product. The first one would be the Lis Function, where the product provides a natural and temporary smooth effect. The second is the Reducer Function where the treatment will only have the effect of reducing volume.

How to use:
To apply the Spumalisa Shampoo you should first wash your hair with an anti-waste shampoo. Apply the smoothing shampoo on the wires, spreading across all wires evenly, and then wait 20 minutes. Rinse the hair and make a full brush in the hair. Finish passing the board into the strands in thin wicks, 7 to 10 times.

With the Madame Lis Spumalisa Matizador Shampoo you give blond hair a smoother smoothing, as it does not alter the color of the discolored yarns, maintaining the original yarn color and also a reduction of volume and complete elimination of frizz in a single application .

01 - Shampoo Matizador Madame Lis Spumalisa - Shampoo Matizador Alisa - 300ml