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Steel Shield Thermo Acrylic Formaldehyde Free 500ml- 1Ka

by 1Ka

1Ka Steel - Hair Restructurizer and Straightener Treatment

Hair Teatment based on glyoxylic acid, mix of ten amino acids and essential oils.

1Ka Steel does not use formaldehyde or any of its derivatives.

It has a unique and revolutionary technology that treats and rejuvenates the hair while providing a natural straightening.

Using 1Ka Steel colouring or bleaching are made right after treatment with no risk of losing the straightening process or interfere with the result.

1Ka Steel is compatible with any chemical treatment made previously, such as colouring, bleaching, Keratin, Guanidine, Ammonia, Lithium and Sodium.

Step By Step Instructions

1- Wash with deep cleaning shampoo (clarifying shampoo) 3 times, massaging well and wait 5 minutes in the last shampoo. Rinse completely.

2- Dry 100%.

3- Apply 1Ka Steel.

4- Use 2 overlapping plastic caps to keep the heat of the head.

5- Pause for hair de-structuring.

a- Wash the hair 3 times with warm water using Shampoo 1Ka Pre Treatment and, on last shampoo, pause 5 to 10 minutes with shampoo in hair. This way the hair cuticle will be wide open.

b- Rinse well removing all shampoo.

c- Dry 100% with a hair dryer. It is very important to remove all water that penetrated into the hair because 1Ka Steel will penetrate in the hair and cannot do it if water occupy place in hair.

d- In a recipient, dispense approximately 40-50ml of 1Ka Steel. If necessary, add some more later. The remaining product cannot be returned to the bottle because it’s contaminated. Apply 1Ka Steel using gloves and a paintbrush, without touching the scalp. Spread 1Ka Steel, in small portions, starting at the nape and from root to the middle and tip. For virgin hair apply throughout the hair and cover with 2 plastic caps. For hair that received any previous treatment, but has virgin roots, apply first to the virgin roots, cover with 2 plastic caps, wait 10 minutes then spread to the rest of the hair. It is a lot easier to implement and this way the de-structuring process occurs simultaneously all along the hair. The caps are to keep head natural temperature (97°F = 36°C) and accelerate the de-structuring process.

e- Check if the hair is already unstructured doing the knot test. The complete hair de-structuring is decisive for the final result.

1Ka Steel can be left much longer after the de-structuring but not to take out before.

f- After the hair is unstructured, dry it 100% with a hair dryer and, with a thick comb or brush, carefully let the hair in line from the root to the tip. Letting it in line allows the flatiron-straightener to reach closer to the root without touching the scalp.


Tips for Better Results

6- Perform the knot test. Do a knot with about 10 hairs (the nape area, near the root, is where it takes more time).

If the knot untied by itself, leave 1Ka Steel a little more. If the knot remains tied, the hair is already unstructured.


If you are not 100% sure that all the hair is unstructured, then wait a little longer. Only if the hair is unstructured go to next step.

7- Rinse removing 100% of 1Ka Steel.

8- Drain excess water with hands and over the wet hair apply the mask, distributing thoroughly and well massaging the hair.

9- Pause 5-10 minutes (do not let more than 15 minutes).

10- Rinse removing 100% of mask. Dry with a hair dryer.

11- Use a fl at-iron-straightener, pass 8 to

15 times, slowly, in small batches of hair, giving traction during ironing, hair will “remember” how you are letting it now. When sealed the hair will show a healthy brightness.

Hair Type Approx. Temp.

Medium or fi ne hair (virgin) 190°C to 220°C (374°F to 428°F)

Bleached, dyeing or 180°C to 210°C

Sensitized hair due (356°F to 410°F)

Chemical process

Thick, Frizzy, 210°C to 230°C

Resistant (virgin hair) (410°F to 446°F)

Important: Always start at a high temperature and decrease if there is colour change.

12- Process finished. Style as you desire.

g- For virgin hair (or also for any hair to be dyed later) apply the flat-iron-straightener with 1Ka Steel still in hair. This will cause a lot of smoke, but will leave hair smoother and better treated.

h- For coloured hair that will be not dyed after, rinse 80% or more of 1Ka Steel and dry the hair before ironing. This will prevent colour changes occur.

i- The ironing process is decisive for the treatment result. Use a good quality flatiron- straightener and apply it 8 to 15 times, slowly, in small portions, keeping a good stretching with comb to apply the iron. The hair will “remember” the form that is being given now.

Note: If the hair colour changes reduce the iron temperature.

j- Let the hair cool down to room temperature, rinse well with plenty of water removing the entire 1Ka Steel from the hair.

k- Remove the humidity excess with hands or a towel and, over the wet hair, apply 1Ka Natural Mask, leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry. This will let hair to return to its normal pH. The process ends here.

l- Finalize by styling as you desire, even apply colour or any other treatment.

Total Time of 2 hours or less.

Hair Type Approx. Pause (in Minutes)

Medium or fi ne hair (virgin) 30 to 40

Bleached, dyeing or sensitized hair 20 to 30 due chemical process

Thick, Frizzy, resistant (virgin hair) 40 to 60



1Ka Steel - Hair Restructurizer and Straightener Treatment 500ml bottle