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Professional Sunflower Cauterization Argan Keratin Treatment 3x500ml - Natureza


Capillary Cauterization Shampoo sensibly cleans the hair leaving the cuticles open for the active penetration.

Liquid Vegetable Keratin that nourishes, treats, restores and gives shine to the hair. Fast action.

Capillary Cauterization Mask highly moisturizing and replenishing capillary mass. Seals the cuticles leaving the threads fully aligned, soft and very shiny.

How to use:
Start applying the shampoo on wet hair, massage the scalp until it forms a rich and creamy foam. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Apply Liquid Keratin to all hair and spread with a fine comb. Pause for 10 minutes. Without rinsing dry the wires with the dryer.
Then apply a generous amount of Mask on damp hair, strand by strand starting from the ends to the root. Leave to act for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse the product completely. Finish with a brush and flatten the strands.

01 Sunflower Cauterization Shampoo 500ml
01 Sunflower Capillary Cauterization Mask 500ml
01 Sunflower Reconstruction Liquid Keratin 500ml