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Supreme Varnish Bath Mask 1kg - Tree Liss

With reconstructive action, low molecular weight becomes easily penetrable by making a gloss coating with varnish effect throughout the extension of the threads sealing the cuticles.

Natural active base mask provides maximum shine to the hair, it was developed with last generation technology rich in Argan Oil and Macadamia.
It repairs all the porosity of the fiber by intensely recovering the hair, as it penetrates easily in the threads, intensely moisturizing the most affected areas, reviving the hair color leaving them radiant, super hydrated, soft and with maximum brightness.

Coconut Oil: Repairing system, acts on the structure of the yarns recovering the capillary fiber, rich in vitamin E strengthens and creates a protective film on the threads.

Macadamia: Provides maximum hydration in the threads providing softness, leading to glow and reviving the color of the threads.

Hair Benefits:
Super Bright to the Hair Reviving the color in the wires;
Maximum Hydration;
Repair of hair fiber;
Wire alignment and frizz combat.

How to use:
With Wet and Wet Hair apply the TREE LISS Varnish Bath Moisturizing Mask throughout the area of ​​the yarn evenly distributed by combing the yarn for better penetration of the product;
Let it act for 10 minutes until you notice that the varnish bath has been absorbed by the hair;
Rinse normally and finish as desired;
Tip: Use thermal cap if desired and finish with brush and plank for intense shine.

Hair with the vitality of the recovered color, hydrated, soft, silky and with extreme brightness and full of life.

01 - Moisturizing Cleansing Varnish Mask 1 kg