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Tannin Acid Intensive Recovery Bio Deep Hair Mask Pro Organic Hair Mask 1Kg - Madamelis


Bio Deep Hair Mask Pro has an innovative formula based on Tannin Acid that moisturizes, reduces the volume, aligns the threads leaving them lighter and looser. It acts by eliminating frizz and provides a Natural Straight. Contains moisturizing and nourishing properties that your hair needs for a healthy life.

- It can be used in pregnant and lactating women, but always consult your doctor to authorize the application.
- It does not contain formaldehyde and is a volume reduction treatment with a safe natural smooth without disturbing the professional and client.
- It has no chemistry.

How to Use:
1 - Separate clean and dry hair into strands.
2 - With the help of a brush, apply Bio Deep Hair Mask Pro on the locks keeping the distance of 1 cm from the hair root.
3 - Let it act for 20 to 50 minutes,
4 - Rinse the hair by completely removing the product.
5 - Dry 80% of the hair.
6 - Divide the hair into wide strands and brush the hair.
7 - Then straighten your hair:
Natural or Resistant Hair - Straighten your hair 7 to 10 times each strand at a temperature of 230˚ C.
Dyed or Bleached Blond Hair - Plank your hair 10 times each strand at a temperature of 180˚ C.
8 - Let the hair cool.
9 - Then rinse your hair well.
10 - Apply Mask Finishi Step 3 massaging the hair.
11 - Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse the hair again.
12 - Finish as you wish.

-01 Madamelis Bio Organic Deep Hair Mask Pro Mask 1Kg