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Therapy Liss No Frizz Progressive Brush 1L - Sorali

by Sorali

Therapy Liss No frizz 4x1

This new Therapy Liss technology is designed to provide smooth, restored, nourished, and moisturized hair thanks to its powerful active ingredients. Infused with antioxidants and enriched with macadamia and D-Pantenol, it effectively prevents hair aging and provides high emollience and sealing, resulting in a natural, smooth appearance. Ideal for rebellious, ethnic, thick, and curly hair types, the formula replenishes hair with water, reducing porosity and dryness to create silky, soft hair that lasts. Its quick and effective application, free of formaldehyde and other preservatives, makes it a practical solution for taming even the most unruly hair, such as afro hair.

Straightening Blend: Lactobionic acid, lactic acid and Bio Restore are the key ingredients in the Therapy Liss hair treatment formula.

Lactobionic Acid and Lactic Acid: Lactobionic and lactic acid are derived from lactose, making them a highly moisturizing ingredient for hair. These powerful actives not only hydrate the strands, but also act as antioxidants and pH regulators to help repair and protect hair. In addition, they contain bacteriostatic agents which prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Bio-Restore: This nutritive complex is based on plant extracts and is designed to condition, promote shine, increase suppleness, and help replenish hair's protein levels. It is an essential part of the Therapy Liss formula, working to nourish and revitalize hair from within, leaving it looking and feeling its best.

How to use:

  • With clean and dry hair, divide into four parts;
  • Apply the Therapy Liss Reconstructing Masque in thin strands, from root to tip;
  • Pause 60 minutes for resistant hair and 40 minutes for fine and weakened ones;
  • Remove the excess with a brief rinse or with the aid of a fine comb;
  • Dry the hair completely without brushing;
  • Use the board at a temperature of 230ºC (from 10 to 12 times each strand);
  • For fragile hair, it’s recommended to use the board at a temperature of 180º to 220ºC;
  • After finishing the process, the professional can choose to wash the hair.


-1 Sorali Therapy Liss 1L