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Therapy Liss Progressive Brush 1L- Sorali


Therapy Liss Progressive Brush 1L- Sorali

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New 2017 package! 

Developed from powerful assets, smooth, restores, moisturizes and nourishes the hair. It is enriched with macadamia and D-patenol, which together prevent aging of the hair fiber, gives high softness and sealing of threads. Designed to unruly hair, afros, thick and curly, new technology Therapy Liss, smooth, restoring the wires and leaving the hair with natural appearance.

Its composition rich in natural active helps fluid replacement, eliminating the porosity and dryness, making hair soft and silky for much longer. It operates in the realignment of the hair fiber, even smoothing the toughest hair like Negroid afros, with minimum durability of three months and becomes final after the third application. Free of formaldehyde or other preservatives, the Therapy Liss offers a safe and effective application.
Blend smoothing: lactobionic acid, lactic acid and Bio Restore
Core assets and its benefits
Lactobionic lactic acid: lactose derivative has the capacity to retain water in the wires by keeping them hydrated, antioxidant, pH regulator and healing. It contains bacteriostatic agents, which stops the growth of bacteria, keeping it dry and healthy scalp. Promote the breakdown of cystine bridges. By having a high pH, when applied to the hair cuticles expands, thus allowing the entry of the active smoothing, so that it can move inside the wire, ie in the cortex. There breaks much of the sulfur bridges, which lie between two amino acid called cystine, one of 18 amino acids that form the hair fiber and is responsible for its strength and shape.
Bio-restore: It conditions, promotes luster, malleability and aids in protein replacement.

How to use:
Apply on dry or damp hair from root to tip, spreading with the help of a root of the comb to the tips. Pause for 40 minutes. Obs .: This is the time for sensitized hair. Rinse 100%. Brushing and pranchar thin strands of 10 to 12 times each strand. Guidance: If the hair is badly damaged, it is recommended the use of piastra in temperatures up to 180 °

Apply on dry or moist hair, spreading with the help of a root of the comb to the tips. Pause for 40 minutes. Note * The dwell time for this type of hair can extend up to 60 minutes. Rinse only 30%. Dry without brushing and pranchar thin strands of 10 to 12 times each strand.

-1 Sorali Therapy Liss 1L

USA and Canada - 5 days
Europe - 5 days
Middle East - 6 days

Africa - 7 days
Asia and Oceania - 6 days
South America - 6 days
Spain - 12 days

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