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Thermal Realignment Thermoactive Nourishing Complex Kit 3x120 - Acquaflora


Thermal realignment kit for hair of all types. Acquaflora Thermal Realignment System Kit reduces volume, eliminates frizz and smoothes progressively.

The Acquaflora Thermal Realignment System Kit was specially developed so that your hair can gain intense shine, natural malleability and a prolonged smooth effect. With Amber Oil, Protein Cascade and other state-of-the-art actives, the formulations of the combo products ensure practicality and safety throughout the application process, in addition to a phenomenal result.

How to use:
Carefully read all the recommendations on the packaging and/or the product's explanatory leaflet. Follow the step by step completely (without skipping steps) and respect each of the guidelines described there.

- Not compatible with guanidine, henna, lead, sodium hydroxide, ammonia and other thioglycolates.
- Do a strand test and wait 5 days to check that there will be no allergic reactions or damage to the wires.
- Do not apply again in less than 15 days after the first application.
- In the case of colored hair, after applying the volume reducer, wait 15 days to use the coloring.
- It is not recommended for use by pregnant women, lactating women and children under 12 years old.

Action / Result
Nutri Sealant Effect: it has the power to reduce the chills, in addition to controlling the wires and decreasing the volume.

Glyoxyloil Carbo-Cysteine, Glyoxyloil Amino Acids, Protein Cascade and Amber Oil: the blend has the function of gradually changing the hair structure of all hair types, which leads to an incredible straightening effect.

- 01 Acquaflora Thermal Realignment System - Purifying Shampoo 120ml.
- 01 Acquaflora Thermal Realignment System - Thermoactive Fluid 120ml.
- 01 Acquaflora Thermal Realignment System - Nutritive Complex 120ml.