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Tip Repairer Semi di Lino Daily Sunflower Flaxseed Finisher Oil 30ml - Anjore

by Anjore
Its formula is rich in nutrients and moisturizing agents, which offers health to the hair fibers, disciplining the threads and repairing the split ends and with noble silicones that surround the fibers, protecting from everyday environmental aggressions.

Product made with sunflower and flaxseed oil, active ingredients that repair the split ends of the hair, eliminate odors from the hair and help with thermal support, besides leaving the hair full of shine, soft and very fragrant.

How to use:
Place a few drops on the palms of your hands, spread and apply to clean, dry or slightly damp hair. Do not rinse. Let it dry naturally or shape as usual. It can be used in the length of the wires or only at the ends. Protects from the harmful effects of the dryer and the board.

-01 Anjore Tip Repairer Semi di Lino Daily System Sunflower Flaxseed Finisher Oil 30ml