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Tourmaline Brazilian Progressive Brush Anti-Frizz - Perfect Liss


Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush is a procedure for volume reduction and thermal alignment of threads that nourishes and moisturizes hair. Even the most unruly threads will fit into shape with the Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush. It recovers even the most damaged wicks, in addition to reducing the frizz of the hair.
Compatible with any chemical treatment, such as relaxation, straightening using Guanidine hydroxide, sodium and ammonia, the Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush can also be used on any type of hair.
The ingredients are designed to protect, nourish and moisturize when heated. With an intense glow, the hair becomes more alive and healthy when using progressive.
The kit consists of 3 steps: dilating shampoo, anti-volume treatment, and balanced system. Together, the three products of Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush make a transformation in your hair.
With Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush your hair is hydrated and nourished, ready for any situation, with an impressive reduction of the products and the alignment of the hair.

How to use:
-Wash the hair with the shampoo dilator at least 3 times to clean the wires and remove the impurities from the hair.
-Wait a few minutes until you feel the strands of hair are rough, and the cuticles are open.
-Dry the hair only with air jets, without combing, and divide the hair it into quadrants. 
-For the application, start from the back of the neck to the top of the head with the help of a brush and always wear gloves. Always leave a safe distance of up to 1.5cm.
-After finishing applying the entire hair the Perfect Liss Progressive Tourmaline Brush align the hair with the help of a comb and a hair drier.
-This step is just to align the cuticles of the hair, it is not necessary that the hair dry completely. After this step of the Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush, split the hair again to pass the board into the wicks. Pass 10 to 15 times the iron in each wick.
-After finishing this step of the progressive brush, pass the Balanced System to your hair and wait 5 minutes for it to act.
-After waiting, rinse your hair with plenty of water and finalize as desired the Perfect Liss Tourmaline Progressive Brush!

1- Dilating Shampoo - 1000ml
1- Anti-Volume Treatment - 1000ml
1- Balanced System - 1000ml.