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Tourmaline Straightening Anti Frizz Treatment Mini Kit 3x100ml - Perfect Liss


For some time now, researchers around the world have been committed to unraveling the secrets of minerals and the energy emitted by crystals. After thorough tests, it was found that Tourmaline is able to emit beneficial properties for the skin and hair.

In hair, Tourmaline when heated emits negative ions that neutralize the positive ions creating physical stability. This enhances the action of cosmetic products that, added to the various reconstruction aids, condition the hair, leaving it smoother, shiny and completely free of frizz. Its action combined with emollient agents enhances the anti-frizz result, leaving hair aligned, disciplined, shiny, completely free of frizz.

Deep cleansing shampoo with 2-in-1 action: Anti-residue and cuticle dilator. With a pH of 7, it promotes an intense cleaning of the impurities contained in the hair fiber, in addition to dilating up to the 8th layer of the cuticle, thus allowing a full action of Tourmaline and the emollient compounds contained in the treatment.

Volume Treatment, in its formula enriched with Tourmaline and a combination of emollient compounds, together neutralize positive ions, which are harmful to hair health, thus eliminating the electrostatic effect. Promotes intense shine and rebuilds the fibers, recovering the malleability of the threads and reducing frizz in a natural way. Which is visibly noticed by all who watch.

The Balancer System hair restructurer, in its formula with emollient compounds technologically combined with Tourmaline, balances and stabilizes the hair's pH, strengthens the hair fiber, restructuring the areas most damaged by chemical processes. Replenishes nutrients and amino acids, in addition to antioxidant action.

The Antifrizz Perfect Liss treatment is fully compatible with any other chemistry. To guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the products, every line is Dermatologically Tested.

01 Dilater Step 1 Shampoo Perfect Liss 100ml
01 Volume Treatment Step 2 Perfect Liss 100ml
01 Balancer System Step 3 Perfect Liss 100ml