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Ultimate Liss Hair Treatment 1L - Hanna Lee


The Ultimate Liss by Hanna Lee is the newest progressive 0% Formol.
It is indicated for rebellious hair, thick and also afros.
Concentrated with moisturizing, smoothing and restorative action, Ultimate Liss realigns hair while nourishing and sealing cuticles.
Its active principle based on organic acid and trace elements, acts instantly in the cuticular layers, disconnecting the disulfide bridges and realigning them safely and without risk of incompatibility. 
Its micro molecular technology, penetrates the cuticles, dispensing the use of shampoos, leaving the process faster, without compromising the excellence of the result. The result lasts from 3 to 4 months, and can become definitive after the third application.
Straight 100%, including afro hair, through the proper use of the product.

How to use:

Divide the hair in 3 parts, apply Ultimate Liss on clean, dry hair using a brush, cover small hair sections one by one, ½ cm from the scalp. Use a thin comb for an even distribution of the product. Leave it for 30-40 minutes, on all hair types. Rinse about 30-40% out to remove product excess. Once this is done, dry the hair completely using a hairdryer;

With a flat iron at 200º-230° divide the hair in small sections again and iron each one 8-10 times, sliding the iron slowly and making pauses. Rinse and finish as desired.


1x Ultimate Liss 1L Hanna Lee