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Ultimate Liss Progressive Brush Free Frizz Hair Treatment 2x300ml - Madamelis


Madame Lis Brush Progressive *New Package* is a capillary thermal restructuring and realignment traditional for immediate reconstruction of the wires, which moisturizes and deeply affects the wires while leaving the smooth and shiny.
Is a treatment that provides frizz-free hair and perfectly smooth. With the product line, the professional hairdresser performs the technical service which promotes capillary repair from the inside out and helps transform the wires damaged in smooth, shiny and fully lined hair. Hair deeply restored, bright and soft.
Contains microspheres essential oils base when heated with dryer or piastra releases its natural assets with high content of antioxidant ingredients and moisturisers, which act as a volume reducing agent and provide the realignment of the capillary surface giving the hair one effect temporarily smooth and disciplined.
Is a treatment that provides frizz-free hair and perfectly smooth. Madame Lis Brush Progressive provides deeply restored, bright hair and soft.Madame Lis Brush Progressive is compatible with all and any chemical process where the hair can be washed immediately after application.

How to use:
-Wash hair with Madame Lis Shampoo to remove any residue that oppose full foaming.
-Rinse and reapply the shampoo starting with the ends and gently sliding the wires between your fingers until it reaches the root. Knead until it forms a rich, creamy foam. Rinse well.
-Apply Madame Lis Rebuilder strand by strand Divide the hair into thin strands and pass the product from root to tip, keeping a distance of 1.5 cm from the root.
-Let stand for 10 minutes. Dry hair 100% and iron hair into thin strands of 7 to 10 times.

-1 Madame Lis Ultimate Shampoo 300ml
-1 Madame Lis Ultimate Reconstrutor 300ml