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Ultra Concentrated Moisturizing Strawberry Varnish Bath Mask 1kg - Forever Liss


Ultra Concentrated Moisturizing Mask Forever Liss Strawberry promotes hydration, extra shine, leaving your hair radiant, soft and silky with light and protected color.
The Forever Liss Strawberry Varnish Mask was developed with natural assets such as Strawberry, Chantily, D'Pantenol and Keratin that repairs the entire porosity of the fiber by recovering and intensely moisturizing the hair.

How to use:
- Apply the Strawberry Varnish Bath Mask with wet hair throughout the area of the yarn, evenly distributing with a comb.
- Leave to stand for 10 minutes until you notice that the product has been fully absorbed
- Rinse normally and finish as desired.
- Tip: Finish with brush and board

-1 Forever Liss Strawberry Varnish Bath Mask 1kg