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Ultra Moisturizing Faints Hair Instant Action Shampoo 500ml - Forever Liss


Ultra-moisturizing Faints Hair Shampoo hair with instant action to reduce volume and frizz, in addition to cleaning and repairing by smoothing the strands, leaving them much brighter, softer and more silky. The concentrated formula with Brazilian Keratin, D'Pantenol, Collagen and Amino Acid Synergy recovers the hair strands, providing deep hydration.

- Brazilian Keratin (Vegetable Origin, Corn and Soy): Helps eliminate frizz, strengthen and reduce hair breakage, provides a smooth effect, does not have the power to smooth because it is not chemical but rather promotes the appearance of leaving the hair straight, because it aligns the capillary cuticles.

- D'Pantenol: Offers maximum hydration in the threads providing softness, leading to shine and reviving the color of the threads.

- Collagen: Maintains the shape of the hair and prevents the breakage of the strands, keeping them fully fortified, hydrated and nourished internally;

- Amino Acid Synergy: Decreases the aggressions caused by the constant use of chemicals and external aggressions such as a hairdryer and straightener, keeping hair healthy and shiny.

- Extra Brightness;
- Light cleaning, without damaging the wires;
- Nutrition;
- Help in the repair of hair fiber;
- Softness;
- Silkiness;
- Loose hair with movement.

How to use:
- Wash the first time to remove the residues that oppose the total formation of foam.
- Rinse and repeat washing with Faints Hair Shampoo, sliding the strands between your fingers.
- Pause for 3 minutes in the second application. Rinse thoroughly

01 - Forever Liss Faints Hair Shampoo 500ml.