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Agilise Professional Unika Blue Gel 1 Litre / 32.8 Fl Oz


Straightening line for all hair types! Enriched with Vegetable Keratin, replenishes hair mass while its formulation acts in shape and texture with the volume reduction system. It contains essential oils, nourishes the hair and promotes natural smooth appearance and extreme shine.

Unika Blue Hair Straightener, has an innovative formula with Violet 43. It provides natural smooth on the first application, and neutralizes the yellowish and orange tones in blond, gray or white hair. Formol free.

How to Use:
Wash hair with Unika Ojon Shampoo rinse until product is completely removed, then dry 100%. Apply Unika Blue (respecting 1cm from the root), let it act for 60 minutes and rinse, follow 100% with dryer and thin strands - board temperature up to 180 ° C | 356 ° F
* Board up to full cuticle sealing - the longer the board the smoother it becomes.
* For very light blond or white hair, mix in equal parts Unika Ojon and Unika Blue.

Wick Test: Separate more than one strand at the top of the head, apply Unika straightening cream the entire length, let it work for 20 minutes and do a hair evaluation.
Precautions: EXTERNAL USE. Not recommended for pregnant women, children and allergic persons. Strictly professional use. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. This preparation should only be used for its intended purpose and is DANGEROUS for any other use. Do not apply if scalp is irritated or injured, and on brittle hair. Repeated application may cause hair loss or change hair color. Do not use on children. For use in pregnant or lactating, consult a doctor. Apply the product to one centimeter of the root.

-1 Agilise Unika Blue Treatment 1L