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Varnish Bath Home Care Thermic Protection 5 in 1 Leave In 140g - Forever Liss


Suitable for all types of hair, Forever Liss Leave-In Varnish Bath promotes thermal protection and detangling action, thus improving the aged and dry appearance of chemically damaged hair. It provides shine, softness and instant nutrition, aligns the cuticles and reduces frizz, leaving hair healthy, beautiful and with extra shine every day.

- Coconut Oil: Repairing system, acts on the structure of the threads recovering the hair fiber, rich in vitamin E strengthens and creates a protective film on the threads.
- D'Pantenol: Offers maximum hydration in the threads providing softness, leading to shine and reviving the color of the threads.
- Keratin: Recovers lost shine, renews and moisturizes all battered hair.

- Anti Frizz;
- Thermal protection;
- Nutrition;
- Extra Brightness;
- Clearance action;

How to Use:
- Place an adequate amount of the Varnish Leave-in Bath in the palm of your hand and apply on damp hair by massaging strand by strand or combing your hair.
- Can be applied daily or before the dryer or board.
- Without Rinsing.

01 - Forever Liss Leave-in Varnish Bath 140g