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Vegan Btox Sealing Smoothing Shine Straightening Cream 500g - Manga Rosa

Botox Vegan Manga Rosa is 100% Natural, ultra sealant, has moisturizing action, strengthening and shine for hair; Pink Botox Vegan Sleeve is compatible with all hair types.

Botox Vegan is also indicated for:
* Pregnant women
* Kids

Action: Cuticle Sealing, Volume Reduction, Intense Shine, Hair Smoothness.

Benefits: Natural hair straightening, color protection and restoration, radiant shine; hair bulb detox.

Result: Smooth effect and intense shine from the first application.

Active: Coconut Oil, Argan ; Avocado Butter, Shea, Citric Acids Lemon Sicilian.

-01 Manga Rosa Vegan Btx 500g