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Vegan Daily Transition Curly Frizzy Hair Treatment Kit 2 Prod. - Lola Cosmetics



The Texturing Cream Lola Cosmetics Transição is formulated with pro-growth active, which regains the texture of the hair in a healthy way and promotes super definition for much longer!

The Lola Cosmetics Transition Coconut Water Day After Leave-in Cream returns moisture and hydration to the strands, which facilitates the reshaping of curls and reduces unwanted frizz. Regain the natural texture of your hair whenever you feel the need.

Rosemary and Águas de Rosas e Coco.

Coconut Water Transition - Leave-in cream for curly and frizzy hair.
Helps to reactivate curls at any time of your day.

Texturing Cream Transition - Texturing cream for curly and frizzy hair.
Helps to define the natural texture of the threads.

How to Use:
Remove the moisture from the hair with the help of a towel and separate into six equal strands. Apply the cream generously to each section. Do not rinse and finish as usual.
Splash the leave-in from root to tip over damp or dry hair. Can be used at various times of the day. Finish as usual.

-01 Lola Transition Texturing cream transition 500g
-01 Lola Transition Coconut Water Transition - Leave-in Cream 250ml