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Post Chemistry Waterproof Reconstructive Vinegar Bath Mask 300g - Magic Color


The Waterproof Reconstructive Mask - Step 2 - of the Hair Vinegar Bath line acts with intensity from the inside out, reconstructing the threads that have suffered with the chemical and mechanical processes and damage to the hair fiber. Glutamic Acid and Apple Extract reinforce the fiber, protecting the hydro lipidic film, preventing external aggressions and loss of moisture, waterproofing with a protective film all the treatment carried out on the thread. It stabilizes the pH, in addition to revitalizing the rubbery and brittle hair fiber.

How to Use:
After rinsing Step 1 - Capillary pH Stabilizer, still with damp hair, apply Step 2 - Waterproof Reconstructive Mask, enclose lock by lock, let it act for 5 minutes and rinse. Indication for use:
Degree of damage High: 2 x per week the complete line.
Degree of damage Medium: 1 x per week the complete line.
Degree of damage Low: every 15 days the complete line.

-01 Magic Color Reconstructive Vinegar Bath Mask 300g