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Vita Intense Anti Hair Loss Bulb Stimulating Strenghtening Elixir 60ml - Vita Derm


Vita Derm Vita Intense Hair Bulb Stimulating Elixix is a anti-hair loss lotion, helps hair bulb growth, more strength to fine and fragile hair.

 Hair, Beard and Eyebrows.

With the scalp previously sanitized, apply the Stimulating Elixir of Buldo Capilar with smooth movements. No need to rinse. Photoactivated and ionizable product (Bipolar mode). It can be used in microneedling / percutaneous collagen induction, laser and led therapy, hair therapy and barbotherapy procedures.

Main Assets: Bioex Vd (Rosemary, hops and Arnica) tea tree extract, green tea and Hyaluronic acid.

-01 Vita Derm Vita Intense Hair Bulb Stimulating Elixir 60ml