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Volume Reducer Liss Treatment CITRIC 1Lt - Ykas

by Ykas


Ykas is a bold company that combines expertise in hair cosmetics with high technology where its goal is to bring to the market the most sophisticated and effective hair treatment, restoring beauty, vitality and shine at fair costs and the needs of its customers.Every product development, we take care and attention with every detail, every item, we seek the latest technology and in our development center we carry out the most rigorous test of effectiveness and safety.Ykas Citric Progressive Brush was developed to reduce the volume and effectively soften damaged and frizzy hair. Provides volume reduction, shine and flexibility to the hair besides not exhaling unpleasant smells. Ykas Volume Reduction Treatment Citric does not accompany specific anti-waste shampoo since the customer can avail himself of any anti-waste shampoo he already owns.

The Ykas Citric Progressive Brush is compatible with any chemical and can be used on all hair types that have coloration, discoloration, relaxation and straightening, acts on the recovery of damaged hair fiber and provides natural and long-lasting results, restores and strengthens wires. 


How to use:

- Wash your hair with the deep cleansing shampoo of your choice;

- Apply the Volume Reducer on the wires, starting with the neck to the top of the head, keeping one centimeter away from the root.

- Then take a 20-minute break. It follows 100% the hair in warm or cold temperature.

- Divide the hair into thin wicks and pass a ceramic plank at least 7 times to seal the cuticles of the hair.

- After fifteen minutes rinse the hair with cold water. Dry the hair and make a brush. Result:

- Naturally and permanently reduced volume of hair. Capillary fibers are recovered and strengthened. 



- Citric Volume Reducer Treatment 1000ml.