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Yamasterol Hyaluronic Acid Multifunctional Treatment Hair Cream 320g - Yamá

by Yamá

The Hyaluronic Acid present in the Yamasterol Hyaluronic formulation offers hair hydration and fiber filling. With this, it has a regenerating action and manages to recover the shine and softness of dry wires, in addition to guaranteeing more density to leave the hair full-bodied from root to tip.

By returning water to the fiber, it also makes the structure more resistant, reinforces the sensitized wires and prevents problems such as breakage and split ends.

As a result, the hair is lighter, with movement and revitalized from the inside out.


To optimize the results, we combine it with other actives such as Vegetable Collagen that maintains the elasticity, resistance and flexibility of the hair, leaving it with a youthful and healthy appearance. We add castor oil, which has both hair hydration and scalp cleansing properties, and D-panthenol with great hydration power, gives hair more vitality and beauty, assists in hair growth, has anti-inflammatory action, revitalizes damaged and brittle wires and provides intense shine.

How to use:
Pre-shampoo – prepares and protects the strands before shampooing, leaving the strands untangled and soft. Apply the product to dry hair. Let it act for 10 minutes and wash them as usual.

Conditioner – with rinse – conditions and detangles while moisturizing.

Hydration and Cream Bath – after washing the hair, apply the product from length to ends, wrap them in a cap for 15 minutes and rinse.

Cream to comb – moisturizes, detangles and facilitates combing. After washing the hair, apply the product from length to ends and finish as usual.

Sea or Pool Baths – apply to lengths and ends before and after each dip.

-01 Hyaluronic Acid Multifunctional Cream 320g