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Yamasterol Hydrolyzed Protein Hair Rebuilding Multifunctional Cream 900g - Yamá

by Yamá

Yamasterol Hydrolyzed Protein Multifunctional Cream is powerful. In addition to all the traditional properties, it also has a protein rebuilding effect and protects the strands, leaving them more luminous and hydrated.

It can be used with or without rinsing after shampoo, or even to wash the hair with the Co-Wash technique (washing with conditioner that eliminates the use of shampoo for a lighter cleaning of the wires). No paraffin and silicone.


The darling “Branquinho” has the same properties as Yamasterol Amarelinho and something more, the hydrolyzed protein, which has a protective and reconstructive effect, leaving your hair more luminous and hydrated.

It is also MULTI because it is versatile: it can be used as a conditioner, pre-shampoo, hydration mask, mask enhancer and finisher leave-in.

No paraffin and silicone!

How to use:
Prepares and protects the strands before shampooing, leaving the strands untangled and soft. Apply the product to dry hair. Let it act for 10 minutes and wash them as usual.

Combing cream
Moisturizes, detangles and makes styling easier. After washing the hair, apply the product from length to ends and finish as usual.

Conditioner (with rinse)
Conditions and detangles while moisturizing.

Hydration and cream bath
After washing the hair, apply the product from length to ends, wrap them in a cap for 15 minutes and rinse.

In the Sea or Pool Baths
Apply to lengths and ends after each dip.

-01 Yamasterol Hydrolyzed Protein Multifunctional Cream 900g