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Ycolor Tinting Shampoo Keratin Vegetable Oil Anti Yellow Treatment 500ml - Ykas

by Ykas

Tinting shampoo for blonde hair. Gradually neutralizes the yellowish tone for a cooler, brighter blonde while maintaining the healthy look of the hair.

It brings ingredients that help repair damage and replenish lost nutrients from chemical aggression. Thus, your blonde is cooled, yellow-free, with beauty and vitality.

Vegetable Oils: has nourishing and soothing properties.

Keratin: Retains moisture, restructures the hair and strengthens the hair fiber.

Cysteine, Arginine and Tyrosine: Strengthen and nourish the hair.

How to Use:
Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage from root to tip and let it sit for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Note: the result depends on the lightening of the hair and the desired shade.

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