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Intense Hydration OM Morocco Argan Oil Treatment Conditioner 240ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Yenzah OM Argan Oil Conditioner disciplines and aligns the wires, in addition to forming a protective layer against external damage. It can be used for oily hair, since Argan Oil has 80% unsaturated fats that act in the balance of oil production, in addition to promoting rapid absorption of assets.

Argan oil: antioxidant action that prevents the aging of the hair fiber and rebuilds it from the inside out, thus preventing the breakage and fall of the hair. It has high hydration and nutrition power, in addition to having natural sunscreen.

Omega 6: responsible for strengthening hair.

Vitamins A and E: responsible for preventing loss of suppleness and healthy hair growth.

Omega 9: returns shine and smoothness.

Without: Salt, Parabens or Petrolates.

How to Use:
Apply on wet hair after the Yenzah OM shampoo. Let sit for a few minutes.
Rinse well. 

-01 Yenzah OM Morocco Argan Oil Conditioner 240ml