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Power Fit "Whey" Cream - Reconstruction Mask 1000g - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Creatine: penetrates the wire internal structure, ensuring repair and reconstruction profundas.Proteína Soybeans: acts in the middle part of the hair, increasing its resistência.Proteína Milk: it ensures nutrition and strength from the outer cabelo.OBS the cuticles. : not food grade.

Spread the mask on clean damp strands, the length to tip. Massage lock to lock and leave it 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use once a week.

reconstruction mask in professional size for damaged and brittle hair. Power Fit Yenzah Whey cream gives a powerful protein clearance, thus strengthens and repairs sofridos.Yenzah Power Fit Whey cream damage from acts internally of capillary fibers, a reconstruction of the structure completely. It has assets that penetrate deep into the wires leaving them strong, shiny and soft. For a complete treatment, nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens. Her hair is healthy and strong as attend the gym! hair healthy and strong, full of shine and softness.