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SAVE Hair Reconstructor Liquid Keratin 120ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Nanocomplex: nanotechnology that regenerates and seals the damaged cables and to replenish nutrients needed for hair health, and acting in the reconstruction of the hair fiber. D-panthenol: rich in Vitamin B5 helps in hydration and replenishment of lipids and proteins in the hair.

Spray the product in damp, clean hair and leave it for a few minutes massaging. Rinse thoroughly.

Liquid Keratin for damaged hair. Save Yenzah Reconstruction hair keratin Net provides strength and resistance to severe damage to wires. Yenzah Save Keratin Net has the exclusive Nanocomlex, which helps in the overall reconstruction of damaged hair, replenishing nutrients and sealing the wires. Thanks to its powerful protein complex is also indicated for wire etching processes. Wired the restored, hydrated and shiny fibers.