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Ycolor Tinting Pearly Effect Illuminator Keratin Vegetable Oil 100ml - Ykas

by Ykas

Ykas YColor Pearly Tinting is a tinting mask for bleached blond hair with streaks or lights that neutralizes yellowish tones and promotes beige and pearlescent tones.

It has progressive effect and depends on the lightening tone of the wires. YColor Pearly has Vegetable Oils, Keratin and Silk Protein, with restorative, antioxidant, nourishing and moisturizing action. Enhances color and luster, gives silos and reduces porosity of hair. 

How to Use:
After washing your hair with YColor Shampoo, remove moisture. Mix one measure of YColor PearlyTinter with two measures of a white cream of your choice. Apply this mixture strand by strand, rubbing from root to tip. Allow to act for 3 to 10 minutes or until desired tone is reached. Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired. We recommend using the Ykas Varnish Bath Mask for dilution. 

Note: Before application, test on a strand with the product diluted in white mask.

-01 Ykas Ycolor Pearly Tinter 100ml