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Bluetox Toning Mask 950g - Zap Cosmetics


Zap Bluetox Toning Mask is a treatment for blond hair that provides smooth effect and full alignment of the wires. Repairs the hair fiber, tinting the strands and promotes sealing the cuticle, softening and restoring the natural flexibility of the wires.
With its latest formula contains arginine, creatine, cationic polymers and hydrolysed proteins which provide intensive nutrition, gloss and smoothness, while maintaining the aligned wires and frizz. Removes unwanted yellow tones of the wires at the same time returns the natural beauty of hair.

How to use:
With the previously cleaned and slightly damp hair evenly apply a sufficient amount of Zap Bluetox  Mask throughout the length of the yarn strand to strand and massaging from root to tip. Let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse removing excess product. Make a pre-brush, pranche and finish as desired.

-1 Zap Bluetox Mask Protelife 950g