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The First Shampoo - How to Apply it Step by Step



Before applying The First Shampoo pre-wash the hair with a deep cleaning shampoo in order to remove oilness and impurities.
Passo 1

1st - Dampen the hair and using a towel or a hair dryer remove all excess water from the hair, about 80%.

Passo 2

2nd - Shake the bottle and apply at least 50ml of The first Shampoo, according to hair length and density (see table below). Spread it along the whole length oh the hair covering it all until a thick and abundant foam is formed  without rubbing of the scalp. IMPORTANT.: DO NOT ADD WATER TO MAKE THE FOAM

Passo 3

3rd - Let it work for 20 minutes and then rinse it completely. Deixe agir por 20 minutos e enxágue completamente. If necessary, you may use a hair conditioner to untangle hair.

Passo 4

4th - Dry hair 100%. Divide the hair in thin strands and plank it from the root to the end, from 5 to 7 times at 180ºC to 230ºC (375ºF to 450ºF). Temperature must be set according to hair's health. Plank it slowly and continuously.



Detalhe 1 Remove 80% of the hair humidity using a towel or, if necessary, a hair dryer
50ml – Short to medium hair
50ml a 70ml – Medium to long hair
70ml a 100ml – Long hair
100ml a 150ml – Extra long and thicker hair
Healthy hair 230ºC / 450ºF
Sensitive hair 180ºC a 200ºC/375ºF a 410ºF
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Mayu - August 2, 2022

He comprado este producto y quiero usarlo esta semana pero se Que las keratinas aclaran el cabello, luego de hacerlo a los Dias quiero usar un depositing color, sera Que tambien eso me quitara la keratina?

TannyT - July 13, 2022

Hello many thanks for your post.
Is there a reason why this product must be used by a professional ?
Also my daughter has Afro hair the condition is not amazing! Will this ruin her hair /make it more dry ?
I want to be able to use this product so I can have easy controlling it will this product help?

Joanne Levy - February 3, 2022

Can first shampoo be used on bleached hilighted hair, I’m sure I’ve read it can, just wanted to double check. Thank you

vivek galani - December 25, 2021

Great article, worth reading as I was looking solutions for my hair growth. Thanks a ton!

Tracy-lee - December 2, 2017

I have grey hair and your product was used on my hair to straighten it in a salon , but i now find my hair is yellow . Very yellow actually . Im hating the result and the resulting yellowing i have tried nutralizing with my blue shampoe . I bought the Sweet shampoe and conditiiner to witch the salon added blue shampoe but neither one is doing its job . If anything the bkue shampoe is making my white grey hair , a dark gun mettal grey mixed with the yellow .. im hating this whole thing

What can i do to return my hair to its natural colour .?

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